Welcome to our new affiliate program!  New affiliates should follow these steps.

1.  Open a new browser window and follow the steps below by typing in the links or cut/paste them into the brower.

2.  Sign up for a customer account.  Go to          http://scubadivertag.com/customer/account/login/

                 Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT
                 Enter an email address and password
                 Once you have created an account, I need to authorize your account.  Go to step 3 below.

3.  Send email to richard.brook@scubadivertag.com letting us know that you have completed step 2.

4.  Once approved, sign in to your customer account.

                 This will take you to the splash page of the website.  Note the options now viewable on the left side of the screen

5.  Near the bottom of the list on the left, click AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

6.  To the right of ScubaDiverTag Affiliate Referrals, click "VIEW"

7.  Click the GENERATE LINK button.  

8.  Copy and Paste the "Tracking Link" onto your web site using one of the graphics supplied to you by ScubaDiverTag.com or one of your own creation.  

9.  For every order placed from this link, you will receive the referral fee in your account. If you have any questions please let us know.